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09 August, 2020


Did my yearly visit to the Eastern Shore. Unfortunately I didn't really get out. The beach I usually visit was disgustingly packed. A beach that normally maybe has 10 cars, was packed bumper to bumper, on both sides of the road. We didn't stay, so of course, I didn't get to examine the wildlife this year.
I did one night of mothing with my blacklight, and sheet. It was full of bees, wasps, and thrips. I got a few cool moths, but I finally called it quits when one of the others flew in my eye and stung me right below it. Ouch!
After that I think my motivation was pretty low. I did a few laps around the horse pasture. There wasn't much rain, so there were very few dragonflies to examine. It was a very BLAH vacation. I'll get the pics gone through soon.
I didn't even bother heading up to Assateague. Thought about it, was going to, and just couldn't get the motivation or time to go.
Tried to avoid people to the best of my ability.
Enjoyed spending time with my family as always, and I hope everything else can eventually go back to normal.
Hope everyone is doing well, and had a great moth week!

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16 August, 2020


Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall!
We finally got some rain here, and boy has it been a downpour that we've badly needed! It was so dry for weeks, that I had to keep watering the garden!
Hopefully I'll still get a night on one of my days off here where I can moth a bit more before it gets too cold.
Fall is starting in, and you can see that the maple trees are starting to get a bit of color. Hoping to see a bit of my garden cold crops grow in before the snow starts in!
Mothing has been going really well. Before National Moth Week, our regional checklist was at 760 species on BAMONA. When I get Research Grade over here, I move the data over to there as well, and since then, we hit our goal of 800, and are sitting at 804 Species! That's a HUGE jump!
It's really made possible by people here on INaturalist helping us out with IDs, and we greatly appreciate it.
Our new goal is 1000! I think we can do it, if we're still making leaps and bounds of this sort!
Thank you ALL again!

PS The following are all moths that still need Research Grade, if anyone has time to peek!

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