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Tagging top IDers @redgarter and @pdsmith and top observer @jesseholifield just to make sure there's no issue transferring this to Cambarunio. I don't have access to the book this was based on, but MolluscaBase is usually pretty good with these.

Posted by thomaseverest 12 months ago (Flag)

Lordy. Does the cambara part have to do with the crayfish-like lure?

What next, Atlanticoncharunio? ;)

Posted by redgarter 12 months ago (Flag)

You might be right about that.

Watters (2018) stated the genus name is based on the crayfish genus Cambarus and that “C. iris and other members of the genus have an elaborate mantle display and movement that mimic crayfish for the purpose of parasitizing fish lured to the mussel.”

Posted by thomaseverest 12 months ago (Flag)

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