BioBlitz in Dallas - William Blair Park on Saturday, June 11

Hey friends, if you want to come out to a fun little bioblitz in Dallas, there's one going on at William Blair Park on Saturday, June 11 from 9 am to noon (or whenever you want to leave...). Fun little bit of info: this park has not been explored too much (at least on iNat), so know what we'll find! :)

Tag some folks that you think might be interested in this. I'll go ahead and start:
@aguilita @annikaml @ameec @andyk @apcorboy @atassin @beeblossomseeds @bob777 @briang @brentano @cari @cgritz @charley @chuckd @dfwuw @gregfw @griff @hawkilitle @interlibrarylowe @jblinde @jenniferkatestuart @karenkroesen @karinsaucedo @kimberlietx @kimberlywalks @krstldwn @bogslogger @magatr0n @marcie12h @mchlfx @melindawpajak @naturemom @ntc @phlank @picklepastures @rangerrick @rehb @rhgrayson @rjtaylor @ryan3 @sbetzen @txlorax @zooga1961

I'm sure that I'm leaving off lots of people, so share with your friends. It should be fun!

Posted on 01 June, 2016 21:17 by sambiology sambiology


@itmndeborah should be added, too.

Posted by cgritz about 8 years ago

Ah yes, thanks Carolyn. :). Do you think you might be able to make it? It's a trek from Maypearl... :-/

Posted by sambiology about 8 years ago

Probably not, but I'll be looking forward to seeing what everyone finds!

Posted by cgritz about 8 years ago

I'll try and make it. That's on the edge of Great Trinity Forest isn't it? Should be a great place to explore.

Posted by mchlfx about 8 years ago

I can probably make this.

Posted by atassin about 8 years ago

I will try to attend and assist with plant identification. I am especially interested in viewing wetland plants.

Posted by rjtaylor about 8 years ago

Argh, it's the same day as my family reunion. I'll be there in spirit though!

Posted by picklepastures about 8 years ago

Fun! Thanks for the heads up. I'll try my best to make it.

Posted by karinsaucedo about 8 years ago

Dang! my niece will be in town and I am committed to spend time with her and my parents that weekend! She is not into nature and outdoor things so I don't think I can convince her to come w. I will try but its doubtful.

Posted by zooga1961 about 8 years ago

Will miss this one - please keep me on the list, would love to make it to one of these...

Posted by hawkilitle about 8 years ago

I'm in! Can't wait. :)

Posted by briangooding about 8 years ago

I'm on call tomorrow but I'm coming! If there's a global crisis I'll be whipping out my Wi-Fi and firing up the laptop. Hope all is quiet so I can see some Dragons!!!!!

Posted by mchlfx about 8 years ago

I was already booked yesterday. Keep me on the list. I will make it to one of these soon.

Posted by kimberlywalks about 8 years ago

I wish I could have made it. I'm in Lubbock this weekend...

Posted by ameec about 8 years ago

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