"Are you doing ok? I noticed you hadn't ID'ed my plants..." ;)

Hey friends!

A funny message that a friend of mine told me at the Tandy Hills BioBlitz... "Hey Sam, I was worried about you. I noticed that you hadn't ID'ed the plant observations I made a while back. Is everything ok?" Haha! :)

I hadn't been ID'ing as many of the general observations from TX/rest of world -- I had been focusing most of my energy to ID'ing stuff from that particular bioblitz (Tandy Hills BioBlitz: http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/tandy-hills-natural-area-stratford-park).

Anywho, it does bring up a good point -- on bioblitzes/outings with others that you iNat with, I think it's a super important thing to give some feedback on observations. And heck, it feels great when someone looks at your observation and adds in an ID or verifies it! It essentially validates your observations, and that's a cool feeling. It engages the participant and he/she is much more likely to add more observations. I don't have any hard data on that, but I betcha it's true!

Also, something else, to anyone reading this... Please tag! Tag tag tag! You tag with an @ sign and then the screen name. Tag those folks that you consider experts. I'm not much of an expert, but please tag me if you want me to look at your observations or of observations of your friends. Tag away! Even if I can't ID it, I bet I can give a touch of guidance and even tag someone that I think may know.

If I've pestered you to death with my tagging, sorry! But consider it a compliment! :)

ID'ing is a blast, and I've learned so much from ID'ing. I may lots and lots of mistakes, but I dare someone to go into any collection and not find any mistakes. It's ok to mis-ID, although, I think it may be more wise to add broad ID's and encourage the observer to look at particular species. For instance, a genus or family ID for a plant is totally ok -- it engages the observer and hopefully inspires him/her/them to dig a bit for a good ID. Ooooor, it pops up on someone else's dashboard on the taxa they follow.

Anywho, ID'ing is fun and ID'ing is crucial -- that's the point of this journal post. :)

Posted on 30 April, 2016 03:54 by sambiology sambiology


That's encouraging, Sam. I have been a little hesitant to use the tagging because I didn't want to bug people, but you're right about it feeling good when someone adds an ID and validates your observations. I know it makes me more enthusiastic. So expect to be tagged more!

Posted by lauramorganclark over 7 years ago

Know anyone I can tag that might be able to verify some lizard observations for me? I uploaded some observations from Big Bend recently and am mostly interested as to whether the reptiles are correct . Let me know!

PS hope you're well!

Posted by kflo818 over 7 years ago

I don't know how you keep up with all your tags! I miss some of mine, and that's got to be <1% of yours!

Posted by kimberlietx over 7 years ago

Great post, Sam, and especially relevant to those of us in the U.S. National Park Service as we have bioblitzes going on at over 100 national park units during our Centennial this year. It makes a difference to get an ID, so I'd encourage NPS folks (or anyone, for that matter) to identify observations in NPS units, especially coming up on the big pile of bioblitzes happening May 20-22. @alliepetersen @aowhalen @biogeek5 @cathybell @chiriria @danielgeorge @donendicott @eraskin @ewrubel @hannawacker @harpomark @jessica32 @joed @juddpatterson @mrchasse @sidesplotch @stbuckley @upandadam

In that vein, I'd like to give a shout out to @mikepatterson who made it feel as if I had my own personal naturalist on my recent trip to Oregon. He ID'd just about everything I posted while I was there. Thanks, Mike and great to (virtually) meet you!

Posted by forester93 over 7 years ago

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