Notes from the 6th of July 2018

All observations for daylight hours today are from MCF Milpe Reserve; an intro sit-down discussion with Tanya-Leyla and Nico. After studying iNat for an hour or two, we walked from the parking lot to on main trail to river to the east/northeast on the reserve property. Nico has several plots within the reserve, so we were checking out some of the trees (he is a dendrologist) he has been studying; I forgot to ask him how many specimens from Milpe trees he has collected and where they are stored. We also looked at his professor's (Walter Palacios) tree books. For the most part we made observations within decent/older forest; when we crossed the river, going farther from roads/the parking lot...that is where the forest became most interesting and where we had the big Cedrela sp.

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