07 March, 2021

Nico dendro Saguambi lotizacion 02 March 2021

covering the trees that will be bulldozed within a month or two

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01 December, 2020

inventario de arboles via san lorenzo 27 de noviembre 2020

Recently our dear friend Nico helped our crew identify 31 species of tree over the course of a few hours in the morning at a critically important birding spot near the town of Mindo. Six of the tree species are of conservation priority according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Toucans, hummingbirds, tanagers and many more of the birds in Mindo depend on these trees. The area inventoried, a simple country road accessing several popular eco-tourism attractions (canopy ziplines, waterfalls, hiking trails) is threatened by over-use and plans to open the area up for further exploitation, by doubling the size of the access road, has us mortified.

Conservacionistas en acción: Nacho, David, Rudy, Dalia, Julia, Nico, Vivi. Recientemente, nuestro querido amigo Nico ayudó a nuestro equipo a identificar 31 especies de árboles en el transcurso de unas pocas horas por la mañana en un lugar de observación de aves de importancia crítica cerca del pueblo de Mindo. Seis de las especies de árboles son prioritarias para la conservación según la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza. De estos árboles dependen tucanes, colibríes, tangaras y muchas más aves en Mindo. El área inventariada, una simple carretera rural que accede a varias atracciones populares de ecoturismo (canopy zipline, cascadas, senderos para caminatas) está amenazada por el uso excesivo y los planes para abrir el área para una mayor explotación, duplicando el tamaño de la carretera de acceso, nos preocupa.

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02 September, 2020

iNaturalist project in an eco-tourism town when eco-tourism at a dead stand-still

We have been busy with the project. Please check out some of our youtube videos that are solely focused on what we are doing in these difficult times:


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29 August, 2020

27 de agosto 2020 dendrologia mindo introduccion

curso de campo: arboles de Mindo, una introduccion, por Nicanor Mejía (Nico); parqueadero de la tarabita hasta rio bravo

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11 August, 2020

8 agosto 2020 orquideas guayabo 5 horas y 1.5kms de transecto de diego y pedro

diego y pedro manzaba hicieron un recorrido en mindo para ver cuantas orquideas estaban con flores en los guayabos. buscaban especificamente para especies de Epidendrum y nada. Es increible ver lo que florece--ya esta el verano en mindo.

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12 January, 2019

Stelis ID (this goes for a lot of pleurothallids, too)

Adam Karremans said the following, when I hit him up for some Stelis identifications. He has worked extensively on the phylogenetics of some Stelis. 'Hi Rudy, unfortunately Stelis is too hard to id just like that. We cant even understand our own species in Costa Rica. The time is not there yet to work them out well, hopefully it will come. I can tell you anyone giving you Stelis names is just guessing. Sorry for not having better news..'

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24 November, 2018

catch-up time, and seasonality for orchids

It has been a long time since I posted anything; some back and knee problems have slowed me down lately. Since beginning iNat in March 2018, I seem to have focused on orchids, and injuries of late have taught me an important lesson: I have to be in great shape to do a lot of the orchid discovery. Up and down mountainsides, daring to climb a tree, and the distances I covered the past 8 months have been rigorous. Moving a lot less, especially the past week, has kept me looking closer to home and shooting mostly spiders and birds from the garden plus uploading a lot of old pics. How about seasonality for orchids? I need to do the research; but what I see in NW Ecuador is a near stand-still with orchid flowering since...August or so? December is nearing now, and Mindo has gotten a lot of rain the past few weeks. Which gives me hope of seeing a re-awakening of these marvels in flower. Hopefully I will be up to the challenge within a week or two.

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15 July, 2018

Notes from the field today

All observations from via a Cunuco, ca. 1200masl, esp. about 4-6kms from Mindo

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14 July, 2018

notes from the field 13 july 2018

Hike the rio bravo area; staying higher (along San Lorenzo rd.) plus short walk to the Rio Bravo crossing

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12 July, 2018

Notes from the 10th of July 2018

One of my favorite hikes with the pup, 'La Isla', most of the day today. Most pleurothallids in the exposed areas (most of the hike is open/field mixed with guava and citrus and 'edge' of forest) are seeding or wilting; precious few in the genus Pleurothallis at all; there were some goodies near 1500masl, and a treat to be in the ravine with the waterfalls for the tiny Platystele. However, overall compared to Mar/April/early May my impression is: far fewer orchids in bloom (#of individuals).

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