Initial Concept Supported and Sponsored by Bostik and Alnet.

3 EASY STEPS. Designed by Suzie Jirachareonkul.

Step 1.

Backwash pool by 5cm, cut out 1m x 1.2m garden mesh. Place bricks on sides to keep mesh in place around a corner.

Step 2.

Place a strip of Bostik silicone marine glue to hold mesh in place on top, smooth with finger.

Place strip of glue down each side of the tiles above the water to keep mesh stretched tight

Step 3.

Cut sides of mesh when dry and refill pool

Now any Toad can safely escape from your pool.


Additional Protection:

A strip of mesh may be placed over the weir in a similar way to prevent toads from getting sucked down the weir or place a piece of polystyrene in weir and remove toads daily – especially after rain.

Call Suzie 0824761016 for installation

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