City Nature Challenge Begins!!! - April 27-April 30.

Over the next four days, each city is in friendly competition to see who can get the most people involved to record the most observations of the most species. All 64 projects using iNaturalist are in the umbrella project for City Nature Challenge 2018 so you can see how the cities stack up in real time as the observations come in.

If you’re in one of these metropolitan areas, get outside and start observing biodiversity (preferably the wild stuff)!

Even if you aren’t, you can still help. We expect half a million observations from 10,000 people, so there will be plenty of new observations to identify and new people to welcome. If you’re logged in to your iNaturalist account, check out all of the City Nature Challenge observations that still need IDs. You can filter from there based on your interest and expertise. Here’s a short tutorial video for the Identify page to get you started.

Observations must be made by April 30th but can still be uploaded and identified during May 1-3. The final tally from each project will be recorded at 9 AM local time on Friday, May 4, with the results announced after the 9 AM in Maui tally is made. More detailed results will be shared on Monday, May 7.

Here is the official Blog that talks how it got started. Read all about it and join in on the fun.

Dallas won last year on most observations so we have a title to defend.

Check here for all 64 cities and stats on who is in the lead: (Copy to browser)

I will be at the Heard Museum in McKinney on Saturday, April 28th 9:30-1pm to help the Public learn how to do this and looking for observations of my own. Come join us. Note fee does apply unless you are a volunteer or Member.

And if you can't get out in the field during these days, please help identify what was found.. We have until May 3rd to get all ID's to research grade.

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