The Solar Eclipse - My Observations

While Dallas wasn't in totality, we did get about a 75% coverage.. Our Eclipse started at around 11:40am with a peak at 1:09pm and then it started to reverse and was done by 3pm. The weather was pleasant during the eclipse and then I noted the strong heat about 20 minute after the midpoint as I began to sweat.

I monitored my backyard during the time and here is what I noticed.

I had two hummingbirds that came out when it started around 11am and chased each other till about 1:20 fighting over the turk's cap. I never see hummingbirds out during the day so I thought this was unusual.

Also, I noticed that during the eclipse that I did not see anything flying around other then the hummingbirds. As soon as we past the midpoint, I began to see butterflies, dragonflies, wasps and bees flying around. It was really odd that they seemed to have stopped before that.

Didn't noticed any different with the dog.

Of course this is not scientific, but wondering if it might have meshed with what anyone else might have seen.

I probably should have written observations the previous day to compare, but oh well... At least I have some practice for 2024 when it comes through Dallas.


Posted on 21 August, 2017 22:15 by butterflies4fun butterflies4fun


Thanks for sharing! I wonder if the hummingbird and insect activity you observed could have been related to the slightly cooler temperature during the eclipse? In Austin I recorded a few eBird checklists while watching the eclipse. Like you, I didn't notice any obvious wildlife reactions to it, but I recorded a few quick notes:

Posted by mikaelb over 6 years ago

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