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Glad to help, if I am able to, on european Lepidoptera's species.
Sometimes, I do "cleaning campain" to clean up all unsure/wrong observations of a species, to help the AI suggestion to learn with a better accuracy, and have a more reliable repartition map.

If I don't have time to answer, or need to dig more, I'll put your observation as "Fave".

No need to approve my identifications as a way to say thank you, or if you "think it indeed looks like this species", due to those reasons :

  • Maybe I'm wrong : Beware that, like any humans, even if I try to do my best I can make mistakes. I certainly did and will certainly do it in the future.
  • There often are look-alike species

Note that if 2 people agree on an observation's ID (without a counter), the observation goes to research grade, which is supposed to be for the "sure" identifications !

For the insect breeders, don't hesitate to join this project if you want to :
There you can add Larva observation of specimen you bred until imago (adult) stage, or from mother laying eggs to larva hatched. Picture of imago is needed as a proof, if possible in a separated observation, or if you don't want to, into the same observation.

Happy explorations !

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