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Before asking 😉
I check all new Moths- and Butterflies larva threads 1 time a day (everyday) on this site, and on 2-3 sites more (danish, english, Facebook and more), too.
And additionally Sawflies-threads, too.

I live in DK - so I am not an expert in Middle- or South european fauna. If I have not answered a new thread, it is often because, I simply don´t know that species with certainty, or cannot recognize it on this shot (the photo angle, the colour, the light confuses? or the like) - or I am in doubt.
And there could be parallel species, that I simply never have heard about 😊

And Additionally: From ultimo 2022 I have started writing my next book - about Sawflies larvae - and this requires so much time, so I am less on Moths-forum, in general.
The stuff is both hard, very intricate and contradictoryed, and requires a lot of time, for each Sawflys species to run through.

My opinion is, that it is not helpful to get any species into this big data base, if the ID is uncertain. It will just confuse the general experience of, how a particular species looks like. Then better drop some few of the uncertain examples.
I find larvae myself, that I never get any name on - but make a lot of breeding, additional, to get wiser on this field.

That´s the reason, I don´t answers some few threads 🙂

Furthermore, I don't have more time to respond than I do, since I also work with the area on a daily basis - so please bear if I don't answer back.

In fact I store some few threads til later, to see, if I later find an ID - or to see others proposals. I learn a lot by this, to get wiser.

What can you do - to get an ID?
Foreward: Upload at least more that one shot (from different angles, if possible of course)
Many larvae often require both a side view and a dorsal view

  • and now and then close-up of other detail, too
    as more larvae are rather similar in outlook.
    Often it is useful, too, to mention the foodplant, if possible. If you don´t know it, take a shot of this too. It can be deleted later
    And - if possible, of course: Try to avoid direct sunlight. It destroy the details and confuse the colours of your larva for an ID.

Good luck 🙂

  1. of September, 2021
    Ended a huge job by writing the first book of Butterflies- and Moths larvae in Denmark, called
    “600 beautiful, danish butterfly/moths larvae”

The work has taken 4 years and 8 month, and ended up as an E-book (a huge PDF-file: 600 Mb, due to the 2500 photos and links in it - links to the best european websites for each species.)

You are able to search on every single word in it, incl. Latin names and English common names on species.

You are welcome to download it for free – under the mentioned circumstances on the download-site! (they are mentioned page 3, too, in the book) (only few lines)
Read them before using – or e.g. sharing.
They are about the Copyright and how to use the book – and especially how NOT to use it!

To use the book better, and smooth - the links and so, translate page 14 :-)

The link is found on a Facebook page, called “Larva photographing”


It probably takes at least 5 minutes to download, due to the big size of the file. All on your own risks.

It can be used on Smartphones, too

And before asking:
There will NEVER be any printed book - neither in Danish nor translated to any other languages.

And it is NOT allowed at all to use anything from this book, printed, in parts, print screens or the like in answers on the web and so. NOR to change the file, e.g Split, Compress, or Merge it.
That is due to the rights of the photographers and my work.

And it will never be printed, due to the format, the layout at all, and not least because of the economic situation, I am living under.
So respect that, please!

It is meant to be a Non-profit-project to gain the interest of the wild nature - and that I have promissed many of the 175 photographers.

My next task it to make a similar book about Sawflies larvae - in Danish, too - the same layout.
You are welcome to follow the work here, if wanted:


Scroll down the page to inspect the temperary pages ...

I have worked in this area since 2012 - rather few years, but on the other hand, I have struggled every single off hour since then.
That it one of the reasons, that I am not an expert in Imagos, due to lack of time.
"My job is larvae" 😊

Best regards from Kjeld

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