Jillian Kern

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Chapel Hill, NC transplant - NorCal born and raised. English Literature PhD student. I have a master's degree in Medieval Literature, and a keen interest in natural dyes and inks related to manuscript production. I'm also a Digital Humanist who loves any innovative combination of tech and research. I love using iNaturalist as a classroom tool.

Beyond that, I'm an avid photographer, amateur gardener, mycophile (but not for eating!), and rockhound. I'd consider myself a lifelong naturalist, raised geocaching, hiking, and observing nature (often reluctantly, but it's grown on me).

My current focus is on the Carr Fire Regrowth and Recovery Project. The Carr Fire seared a vast amount of public/forest interface and I believe the more data we can collect on recovery, the better suited we will be to deal with future catastrophic forest fires. Please join us if you're in the Shasta/Trinity county area. If you're out-of-area, we'd appreciate your help with IDs! https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/carr-fire-regrowth-and-recovery

Note: I rarely access the iNaturalist website, but use my phone and the app to upload most observations. Thus, messages and comments may go unnoticed.

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