Jillian Kern

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My current focus is on the Carr Fire Regrowth and Recovery Project. The Carr Fire seared a vast amount of public/forest interface and I believe the more data we can collect on recovery, the better suited we will be to deal with future catastrophic forest fires. Please join us if you're in the Shasta/Trinity county area. If you're out-of-area, we'd appreciate your help with IDs! https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/carr-fire-regrowth-and-recovery

Chapel Hill, NC transplant - NorCal born and raised. English Literature PhD student. I have a master's degree in Medieval Literature, and a keen interest in natural dyes and inks related to manuscript production. I'm also a Digital Humanist who loves any innovative combination of tech and research. I love using iNaturalist as a classroom tool.

Beyond that, I'm an avid photographer, amateur gardener, mycophile (but not for eating!), and rockhound. I'd consider myself a lifelong naturalist, raised geocaching, hiking, and observing nature (often reluctantly, but it's grown on me).

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