Anna Scheidel

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Hi! I originally got sucked into iNat when I was trying to find hemiparasite populations throughout Illinois. It was also a HUGE help when I conducted my vegetation surveys back in 2019. I started out as a restoration technician and later crew leader at Nachusa Grasslands while working on my master's and then never really left the field. I'm currently a natural resource technician in Champaign County and spend most of my days out in the prairie and woodlands. I am also the volunteer steward for Santa Fe Prairie Nature Preserve in Hodgkins. (Check out our Facebook page where I post our work days:

I have a pretty good background in Midwest prairie forbs (but always learning!) and I'm working on my woodlands. I've been taking more and more pictures of animals and insects since I see so many neat critters while working- especially frogs. I will never not take a picture of a frog or toad :D

Both my B.S. and M.S. are in biology, my master's thesis focusing on community ecology of hemiparasites in Illinois. Check out my paper!

Do you work in STEM or are you an educator who wants to connect those in STEM with your classroom? Sign up for! It's a free online tool that has allowed me to talk to kids across the country (and elsewhere) about restoration ecology, invasive plants, and careers working in natural resources!

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