Josh Benavidez

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Herps or bust! Occasionally taking interest in arthropods, predatory mammals, fungi, or medicinal and edible plants. Here to gain and spread knowledge. Y'all know this is the real life Pokédex, right?

Currently working with the Nevada Department of Wildlife as herpetological field tech. The focus of my job is to survey herps in areas that were hit hard by commercial collecting, and monitor populations of Heloderms.

A self proclaimed "forever field technician". Just a nomadic dude jumping from job to job. When I'm not traveling for work, I'm traveling for herps. Sometimes I get lucky enough to travel for both of those reasons.

Some of the herps I've worked with in the past include the hybrid Crotalids (C. viridis x C. scutulatus) in the boot heel of NM, the Mojave desert tortoise, and the various species that would fall into the trenches of the pipeline project I was monitoring in the Trans-Pecos. Outside of my field work with herps, I've worked a feral hog camera trap project on Chaparral WMA, and as a technician for a land and wildlife management company based in the Texas Hill Country.

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