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Hello, I'm Rob!

Just a young buck, in love with nature.

Not many of my species around anymore, the one driven by nature. Even though it's the prettiest thing we mere mortals have to our availability. We should be gratefull for the things we have, instead we destroy it.

Used to be obsessed with ferns, but a bit too obsessed I'd say. Got something along the lines of a burnout from them. So I took a break from iNat. But I'm back, and swinging!

At the moment, I'm really interested in damselflies and dragonflies (Odonata).

They're just so gorgeous, I love seeing them, and I just can't stop thinking about taking beautiful pictures of them.

I'm still learning, like there's so many different species, and it's a slow process, but I really enjoy it, and I'm growing every day.

All help surrounding Odonata is well appreciated.
Let me know if I make mistakes, it's the best way I learn, tell me how to get it right next time.

I work at an Arboretum, so I get to live in nature on a daily basis, and I can't be more grateful.

I hope you have a lovely day after reading all this!

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