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Fascinated by nature, I'm always outdoor studying and learning new things about living organisms. Based in Switzerland I mostly study fungi and fungal-like organisms but I'm also interested in plant and animals. I always try to create the best observations possible and present rarely documented taxa. Photography is also a very important part of the process which takes me a lot of time to show morphological criteria.

I'm the co-author of "Champignons – Guide de terrain" also translated in German as "Pilze – Bestimmungsbuch für Unterwegs".

If you need help with anything on iNaturalist you can tag me by typing @nschwab in your message! (But please don't spam me!)

Feel free to use my photographs as long as you don't make money out of them. It would be nice if you message me just so I know how my photos can be helpful to people! For business inquiries you can contact me by private message here or on my social medias.




VAPKO mushroom expert since 2018 and operating in VAPKO section romande bureau as IT & Communication respondent
Nominated as VSVP/USSM Scientific Commission aspiring member
Member of the Société Mycologique de Tramelan and website manager
Member of the Société Mycologique des Montagnes Neuchâteloises

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