Ken Wang

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I am a 17 year old herper and wildlife photographer based in Atlanta, GA USA. I specialize in snakes, turtles, and velvet ants.
Although I spend most of my time identifying for local observations, I do identify snakes around the globe- these skills picked up as I expanded my readings and study to foreign species.

Outside of snakes, I am adept at identifying American turtles, but not foreign ones. I also have a strong interest in Mutillids (velvet ants), an area whose IDs I am constantly learning.
I do observe plants occasionally, as well as identify them. Over the years I've lost my touch with botany/mycology when my naturalistic skills slid away from plants and towards the cold-blooded creatures. But I still have relics of botany and mycology within me... mostly tailored to the forager's brain.

I also have some basic knowledge in centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and fish. But this does not go far beyond the average naturalist.

Most of my reading of primary literature resolves around snake taxonomy. I adhere to species delimitation implemented through DeQueiroz's unified species concept. I also have some reading in ecology, but this is mostly limited to American snakes.
-Ken W.

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