Grace Boxshall

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I'm a mycologist in training! I'm based in Melbourne. I mostly work with the genus Agaricus, also known as the field or button mushroom genus. For my master's, I researched the toxicity variation in Agaricus xanthodermus and I'm working on getting a publication out on that. I looked at both the chemistry and the genetics of yellow-staining Agaricus around Victoria, Australia. In the process I observed quite a few undescribed species of Agaricus in native bush. I'm back now for my PhD and I'm keen to investigate those new species even more! My PhD research is investigating Agaricus in eastern Australasia. How many species are there? How do they relate to each other? And how do they relate to Agaricus from other regions of the world?

I run a citizen science/outreach/education page called FungiSight. It's on facebook and also here on iNaturalist. I'd love it if you could add your Agaricus observations to my project so I can use them to inform my research.

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