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05 March, 2018

Check out what we found

Thanks again for a great morning last Saturday! I hope you all enjoyed taking some time to slow down and explore the nature right outside the Groundworks office.

Now that a couple of days have passed, the iNaturalist community has made identifications on many of the things we observed during the bioblitz, so have a look and see what some of our unknown organisms turned out to be.

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Loggerhead Shrikes

I've been watching for Loggerhead Shrikes at the entrance to TPWD headquarters, and started seeing them in early winter.

Now for the more interesting question: is this bird here for the winter or will it stick around into the spring and summer?

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09 March, 2018

IDs are rolling in...

Hi All,
Thanks for joining yesterday's workshop and BioBlitz at Estero! As you can see, even a short time spent observing with a modest number of people in a fairly small search area can result in an impressive number of observations and species. There are lots of observations still needing identifications, so it may be a few days before the species numbers start to settle. And if you have photos on your camera that you need to upload, please don't forget to share those.

Best of luck to all of you going into the City Nature Challenge - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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