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24 November, 2018

catch-up time, and seasonality for orchids

It has been a long time since I posted anything; some back and knee problems have slowed me down lately. Since beginning iNat in March 2018, I seem to have focused on orchids, and injuries of late have taught me an important lesson: I have to be in great shape to do a lot of the orchid discovery. Up and down mountainsides, daring to climb a tree, and the distances I covered the past 8 months have been rigorous. Moving a lot less, especially the past week, has kept me looking closer to home and shooting mostly spiders and birds from the garden plus uploading a lot of old pics. How about seasonality for orchids? I need to do the research; but what I see in NW Ecuador is a near stand-still with orchid flowering since...August or so? December is nearing now, and Mindo has gotten a lot of rain the past few weeks. Which gives me hope of seeing a re-awakening of these marvels in flower. Hopefully I will be up to the challenge within a week or two.

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