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19 November, 2019

Birdwatching with Los Angeles Audubon

Last Saturday morning I had to the wonderful opportunity to go birdwatching with the Los Angeles Audubon society! Here are the highlights of the trip:

My first time seeing peregrine falcons! I'd been reading about them since I was a child so it was like seeing a celebrity for the first time. The other birdwatchers brought scopes and were kind enough to let me take photos through them.

Black-necked stilts, my first time seeing them as well! Very cute.

Someone pointed out that these were Herring Gulls. As an inexperienced birder I'd initially brushed them off thinking they were just Western Gulls. I learned a lot from this trip!

Beautiful osprey, shot through one of the scopes brought on the trip. There were a lot of them around, many of them females building nests.

At some point someone looked up and shouted, "Look! Pelicans!" It was quite a magical moment.

A Hooded Merganser, definitely the highlight of the trip. I never would have even noticed it if it weren't for the other birders pointing it out, and my binoculars weren't strong enough to see the details on it. These were also shot through a scope someone brought along. I'm really glad I didn't miss out on this!

Black-crowned night heron hiding in a tree. I love that vibrant red eye. Also shot through a scope, I'm very impressed at how experienced birders can even find birds hiding in trees like this.

Double-crested cormorants... Not much to say, I just think they're cute. I've only seen Brandt's Cormorants up until now. I guess I do see these guys regularly when I'm driving on the I-5, but it was nice getting to see them up close!

American Wigeons. My first time seeing these guys as well. Love that vibrant green color!

Overall I can't wait to go on another birding trip with the LA Audubon, and next time I'll definitely study my local birds beforehand!

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