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19 September, 2019

La Jolla Trip

Went to La Jolla about a week and a half ago!

Some highlights:

Nursing sea lion

Spotting a harbor seal from far away (didn't get to see them up close on this trip or my previous one)

The cool lo-fi effect in general from shooting through a binocular lens. Brandt's Cormorant featured here.

Another photo I liked. Just a regular ol' sea lion.

A stray Heermann's Gull. I recognized this guy from a previous trip to San Clemente which is where I encountered them for the first time.

A ground squirrel! Not a great photo or particularly interesting but it was my first time getting a photo of one as I usually live deep in the city and don't see them often.

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Angeles National Forest Trip

We did a simple hike along the Gabrielino trail that started from the Red Box Trailhead. There's a pretty cute little museum called the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center.

Some highlights:

Fuzzy things on these plant. iNat says it's a mountain mahogany? Neat!

Pretty pinecone covered in sap. A type of douglas fir I guess?

Pretty berries. Algorithm says it's a Southern Honeysuckle, and endemic if so. Very cool!

Disembodied deer leg we found near this weather station surrounded by boarded up houses. Spooky!

Definitely my favorite find of the trip. What's most likely a Big Berry Manzanita. Very pretty plant and the peeling bark looks awesome.

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