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16 July, 2022

Key to the Eriozona, Leucozona and Flavizona of the World

Well this has turned out to be a challenging group!

Here we have a cluster of genera that contain the Syrphine bumblebee mimics, and a bunch of things with white markings. They're cool, and not so common. In fact many of them are very obscure. A lot of this key is based on verbal descriptions alone - and sometimes not very detailed ones at that - so it needs to be treated with considerable care.

Species included:
analis, nigroscutellata, syrphoides, tricolorata

Leucozona (Leucozona)
americana, brunetti, flavimarginata, inopinata, kingdonwardi, lucorum, nigripila, pruinosa, virendra

Leucozona (Ischyrosyrphus)
beybienkoi, glaucia, laternaria, sivae, transifasciatus, ussuriensis, velutina, xylotina


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