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06 January, 2022

First IDs

This is a list, for my own benefit, of the species I have been lucky enough to be involved in the first ID for on iNat, and I intend to keep updated. (Assuming they're right!)

Pallopterid Flies
Toxonevra usta
Toxonevra laetabilis

Eristalis gatesi
Eristalis rossica (though there were a couple of earlier possible IDs that I have subsequently withdrawn as uncertain)
Eristalis gomojunovae
Leucozona inopinata
Leucozona nigripila
Sericomyia dux
Brachypalpus nipponicus
Myathropa semenovi
Myathropa usta
Episyrphus divertens
Episyrphus nectarinus
Episyrphus arcifer
Sphaerophoria vockerothi
Volucella taiwana
Volucella ruficauda
Volucella varipila
Volucella plumatoides
Volucella bella
Volucella lividiventris
Volucella thompsoni
Volucella dimidiata
Volucella laojunshanana
Kertesziomyia violascens
Undescribed species of Dissoptera
Monoceromyia annulata
Monoceromyia similis
Eriozona analis
Flavizona dolichostigma
Senaspis nigrita
Allograpta alamacula
Genus Dideomima (cf. coquiletti)
Sphaerophoria quadrituberculata
Sphaerophoria loewi
Eocheilosia harrisi
Xanthandrus agrolas
Chalcosyrphus victoriensis
Syritta luteinervis
Syritta hackeri
Syritta proximata
Syritta latitarsata
Milesia pulchra
Korinchia formosana
Milesia macularis
Korinchia simulans
Xanthogramma sapporense
Xanthogramma coreanum
Blera japonica
Ferdinandea nigrifrons
Syrphus currani
Syrphus sonorensis
Syrphus sexmaculatus
Syrphus admirandus
Xanthandrus babyssa
Melanostoma wollastoni
Paragus mundus
Eristalis persa
Sphaerophoria estebani
Eristalis japonica

Other flies
Portschinskia loewii

Haplophilus souletinus

And a list of the species I've observed myself for the first time on iNat (I think)

Acrodacyla quadrisculpta
Chironomus annularius
Geophilus impressus

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16 January, 2022

Key to the Syrphus of Europe

Syrphus is the type Genus of the Hoverflies. It is literally typical. But identification in this genus from photographs is hard, and often impossible. Information on the rarer species is also difficult to find. Here is my best effort at a key to this group that is optimised for photographs. Comments and corrections are especially welcome given that it's such a tricky group.

The species covered are admirandus, attenuatus, auberti, nitidifrons, ribesii, sexmaculatus, stackelbergi, torvus and vitripennis.

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