10 April, 2021

Determined to finish 2020

I have a pretty big backlog of photos (and some audio files) to turn into observations. Not only do I have lots from years before I joined iNat but also plenty from the time since then. Part of the problem is that after I go on an outing and take lots of photos, I end up with a bad migraine that takes a couple days to recover from. Usually by then I've started thinking about all the things I need to do around the house and going through photos gets pushed to the back burner. Also I take a whole bunch of photos because I'm really want to be sure they came out (because I can't just go back and take more). And then going through all these photos can sometimes trigger vertigo (same with lots of internet scrolling) or a tension headache (which may evolve into a migraine).

I am determined to fully complete my observations for 2020. In order to encourage myself to finish, I have vowed to not post anything from 2021 until I'm done. And I have some cool stuff from my trail cam this year that I really want to share. Most of what I have left is fungi. I have been putting off posting them because I want to sit down with my notes and fungus book and try to ID them myself.

Observations below are one from each month of 2020. They aren't in order.

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28 June, 2018

Moving to the Big Thicket

I'm very excited to be moving to the Big Thicket area of east Texas about a month from now. The property is water front and nearby a nature preserve. My mom moved there about a year and a half ago. I'm moving in with her. This city life is not good for my chronic migraines.

I'd love to try microfishing and set up an aquarium on the back porch for photos. I heard about this microfishing technique from @cosmiccat. There is also a minnow trap left behind by the previous owners of the house.

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