02 July, 2023

ID questions

I hope to flesh out additional resources here over time, but for now here's a brief FAQ:

Q: Who are you, fellow stranger?
A: After my userpage and this page you should know I'm on the small collection project UK Greenbottle Team

Q: Why this ID, specifically?
A: I'm interested in trying to help out in places with few identifiers like Africa, China, warzones etc. I'm also interested at getting new records of species citizen science often overlooks. I may be super confident or hopelessly wrong. I may be extremely tentative but later turn out to be right, or a new key might suddenly change my opinion on the spot.

Q: Know any other good resource guides?
A: Most are to be found on the forum, in journals, or by asking on the project linked above. But also, yes: feel free to ask for something specific and I should have something. That said I cannot recommend the work (from detailed and beautiful Flickr albums containing hundreds of reference photos to experimental technojargon keys) of Steven Falk highly enough.

Q: Can I DM you real quick?
A: All are welcome to, yes.

Q: I'm new to iNat! Can you help me get started?
A: Yes! In fact, I'd actively enjoy it! Please ask away.

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