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30 August, 2021

Tips when photographing Leucadendron's

When photographing Leucadendron spp., it is important to have multiple angles for identification purposes. Having photos of the cones is great, but it will help significant to have more details. The sole purpose of this journal post is just to inform whoever might be interested and those who might not know.

1) Close-up of the cones (Both male and females if present).

Females form the familiar cones and males don't.

2) The base of the stem (Reseeder vs. Resprouter)

This is probably one of the most important details needed for a positive ID. This is not just true for Leucadendron's, but for other Proteaceae, Ericaceae, Cyclopia (Fabaceae) and many others. For example, Leucadendron conicum (Single-stemmed reseeder) vs. Leucadendron salignum (Multi-stemmed resprouter). The same for the Cyclopia's, C. subternata is a single-stemmed reseeder and C. intermedia is a multi-stemmed respouter. I will add a separate journal post on reseeders and respouters for interest sake.

3) Habit and Habitat Shot

It is also important to see the growth form and the habitat type in which the species grows. Some species occurs in specific environmental conditions. Example, P. venusta (EN) is found between 1700m - 2000m in altitude, on southern sandstone slopes (SANBI).

Credit to Tony Rebelo. This journal has been compiled through the tips and comments by Tony Rebelo.

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