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02 April, 2022

Tips when photographing Struthiola's

When taking photos of Struthiola's, there are a few simple things to keep in mind.

1) A clear photo of the flower

Struthiola's have a feature called floral scales that can be found around the centre of the flowers. These can vary greatly from species to species. Floral scales are always found in multiples of 4.

For example:
S. striata = 4 floral scales
S. myrsinites = 8 floral scales
S. argentea = 12 floral scales

With some species the floral scales can have hairs of various lengths. These hairs are called perigonal hairs. For example, S. argentea has no hairs on its floral scales whereas S. myrsinites have hairs on its floral scales that are longer than the scales itself. Sometimes the hypanthiums are also hairy (S. fasciata). The hypanthium is just a fancy term for the flower tube in layman's terms.

2) Clear photos of the leaves

The leaves between species also vary greatly from broad and hairy, to narrow and hairless. A clear photo of the leaves also helps to distinguish between some species.

3) A habit (how does the plant grow) shot

Different species of Struthiola grows differently. Here a wide (not too wide) shot helps see what shape and form the species is growing. Some can grow tall while others grow in small shrubs.

It sounds complicated, but it is actually very simple to photograph. Now you know what to look for. @shauns

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