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11 February, 2019

Magical Moth Night at the Heard - July 27th - need volunteers with Moth Set ups or that can help ID

We are going to be doing another moth night at the heard where we will set up mothing stations around a trail .. This will be from around 8pm to 11pm or later for those of us volunteering if we want to stay. I'm looking for people with equipment (any kind) that can set up mothing stations or help ID and education the public on what appears on the sheets. We did this last year and had a lot of fun. I'm also plan to show some live caterpillar moths and besides the hornworms I can get at the reptile store and interested in any easy to find caterpillar species. For example if you know a good plant I can usually find them on, etc.

If you are interested in helping, let me know. Note that this request is for moth volunteers as otherwise it is a fee event for the Heard. If you want to attend to help, please let me know. If you want to sign up just to attend and participate in all the other activities, you can got to for registration.

Please add on anyone you think might be interested. We are thinking we can do 10 or more stations this year. Note that this is only part of the event going on. If we have a good group, we can meet earlier and do some inat on the grounds. More about the Heard here:

Right now I've signed up @sambiology and me but hoping others that came last year can also attend.

@kimberlietx , @amymonroy , @annikaml ,@wildcarrot ,@katethegreat , @schylerbrown, @jblinde , @d-cntrbry

I put a few of you on, but figure same will post something when it gets closer for all the events. You can add others.

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