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07 February, 2016

Feels Like Spring today in the Wylie Prairie

I took a trip out to the Wylie Prairie today where the Blackland Prairie Master Naturalists are restoring it led by @davepowell . Even though it is the middle of winter, the mild weather and the warm sunny day makes it feel like spring. With the highs in the low 60's, I was anxious to see what I might find. I was not disappointed. There were several butterflies out including the dainty sulphur, orange sulphur and common buckeye. I saw the question mark and cabbage white at my house today, but I did not see them at the prairie.

I've been working on identifying LLBs or Little Brown Birds as @gailonbrehm calls them. The challenge is that they all hide in the bushes and don't stay still. My technique is to try and take as many pictures as I can and then come home and enlarge them to see what I found. I depend on the birders on inaturalist to keep me straight as some of these are not easy for me yet. But then, this is what Inaturalist is all about - people helping people. Today I have my first Savannah Sparrow, my first Song Sparrow and another bird that might be the tricky female red-winged blackbird, but I'm waiting for confirmation as I write this. Other birds I found today where the robins, mockingbird and when I was driving out of the packing lot, I saw the American Kestral perched on a treetop looking for dinner.

I even found an isopod, spider and grasshopper that I've yet to identify but I have time. One reason, I like to record the species is to have a record of it and see what changes. Hopefully the prairie will be around a long time, but with all the development going on in the area, you just never know. However, I plan to enjoy it while it is here.

Thanks to all the other Blackland Prairie Master Naturalist that help maintain it.. Shout out to @greghayden39, @rolandfarm .. I would mention all of them here, but I don't know if most of them are on this yet or I couldn't find them. If you are and follow me leave a comment so we can join together.

NOTE: I would like to provide a link to the Wylie Prairie to show all the pictures but this is something I haven't been able to figure out yet.

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