10 October, 2023

ID: Arundo vs Phragmites

An excellent resource for telling Arundo from Phragmites is at http://desertfishes.org/cuatroc/organisms/non-native/arundo/Arundo_Phrag_id/Arundo_Phrag_id.html

Arundo is taller, with broader leaves and stouter stems (canes) than Phragmites.

The infloresecence for Arundo typically has a stiff, upright plume, whereas Phragmites is looser and more droopy. These are fresh in the autumn.

In Arundo, the base of the leaf blade clasps the stem over halfway around, and has a larger, pale auricle. Phragmites' leaf blades clasp less far around the stem, and have a much smaller auricle.

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