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I like everything really (though the smaller and weirder the better). In real life I try to enthuse people about the amazing things around us. I'm learning a lot from being on here and squinting at everyone's photographs. I do try - it's really not meant as wilful vandalism if you see I've put something daft. I'm grateful for people's patience and if you've time, please do point out where I've gone wrong.

If I had any advice it would be upload more photos of the same observation! This isn't Bladerunner and it's often hard (by which I mean impossible) to identify things for sure without shots from different angles.

That would mean close ups of leaves, buds and fruits/seeds of plants/trees, both sides and a long shot of ferns, the underside as well as the top of a mushroom, different views of a snail from underneath/its profile/mouth opening, etc :)

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