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June 01, 2021

Results from MAY Challenge

Great Work Team!
We documented 14 Zebra-tailed lizards from three parks (Cave Creek RP, Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area and Hassayampa River Preserve. The top data collectors are MJRyan, Micaheal Smith, direwoldplayz and Eric Hough.
We documented 12 Desert Spiny-tailed at two parks Hassayampa River Preserve and Cave Creek RP.
Top data collectors Michael Smith and Eric Hough!

Although these two lizards were documented at the north parks we are getting plenty of other species at other parks!
Great work everyone!
Stay Tuned for the June Challenge!
Maricopa County Parks Natural Resources.

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June Eco Blitz Challenge- White-winged Dove and Sagauro Cacti

Have you seen any blooming Saguaros yet? Or white-winged doves? This month’s Eco-Blitz challenges are white-winged dove and blooming Saguaro. Join us to learn more about the Maricopa County Parks Eco-BLITZ. We will be learning all about the relationship between these species.

Did you know that the white-winged doves are Saguaro specialists? Their breeding season is synchronized with the reproductive cycle of the Saguaro. These birds rely on Saguaros almost solely for nutrients and water during the breeding season. The White-winged Dove is a migratory species and also a game species, making it rather unique.

Saguaro Cacti are a keystone species in the Sonoran Desert and provide nesting, shelter, and/or food from many birds, insects, and bat species. They are the largest and tallest cactus in the U.S. with their arms stretching skyward as if they are saying “light shine upon me”. Although their opulent white flowers bloom at night, many will remain open in the morning. In 1931 they were designated as Arizona’s state flower.

Lets try to get these species documented together at each park! Challenge On!

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June 30, 2021

June Challenge wraps-up

Hey Team!

I know it has been hot out there in the desert these last few weeks, but i have to say i was surprised by the number of White-winged doves i saw devouring the Saguaro Cacti fruit this year. Maybe it is because i have been made more aware of this relationship or maybe it is because the saguaro cacti are producing above average number of fruits. If I would have had my camera with me I would have had a plethora of WW dove and saguaro pics.

We had a total of nine WW dove observations at four parks (Estrella Mountain, White Tank, Usery and San Tan Regional Parks) and six saguaro cacti for this month. Our challenge winner is Ecoexplorer with 4 observations. Great work Kathy!

Some good news!! Maricopa County Parks Eco-blitz was recently in the news paper.. link is below.

It would be great if we could get over 100 participants join the program by this years end...please tell your friends about it . It really is a super fun and and interactive way to learn about our native plants and animals while contributing to science!

Thanks all.

Next months challenge is the Harris Antelope Squirrel , new post coming soon.

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