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13 August, 2022

Third year of the "socially distant bioblitz" -- wanna play?!?

Hey all!

So, it's our third year to do a 'socially distant bioblitz' - a week of observations and challenge in the DFW metroplex. Anyone and everyone can participate! As a matter of fact, if anyone makes an observation from September 4 - 10, it'll automatically be added to this umbrella project as well as the specific master naturalist project that covers those counties. No extra steps needed!

Each day will also include a challenge (just like the last couple years). I'll do another journal post with those challenges closer to the week of the bioblitz. Some of these will indeed be pretty challenging!

Observations made anywhere count, but the most valuable ones are made in public spaces like parks. If you're able to go to a park to make some observations, those can help us with guiding the public land management -- super valuable stuff.

If you want to join this project, cool -- I'll be doing journal posts just like the previous couple years, and by joining, you'll get notified of them.

If you're curious about the results from the last two years, here are those recaps:
2020 results: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/fall-socially-distant-bioblitz-dfw-urban-ecosystem/journal/40723
2021 results: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/fall-socially-distant-bioblitz-dfw-urban-ecosystem-2021/journal/56639

Most of all, I hope you get the chance to go outside and engage with nature. That's the true reason for this -- we want you to interact with nature more and more -- it's good for you! :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

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