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08 March, 2019

Want to help us organize the City Nature Challenge for 2019?

Things are hotting up. How about helping us organize events around the City Nature 2019 Challenge?

Please liaise with your city reserve and park managers before planning events.
Please forward any activities that you are planning to Leighan Mossop – with details of event, venue, organizer contact and time.

Here is a possible list of activities and themes that you might want to consider for your team. This is purely for illustrative purposes, but if you want to plan an entire activity set, you are most welcome to do so! Please remember to discuss with your reserve managers, get media releases out in your local rags, and a copy to Leighan.

Friday 26:
• Your garden, school and open space
• School City Challenge (biodiversity in our school grounds)
• Ant Atlas
• Schools in reserves
• Marasmodes Madness
• Nightlife ….

Saturday 27:
• Bioblitzing our reserves (daytime: 07:17 – 18:09 and civil twilight (for outdoor activities): 06:50 – 18:35)
• Picnic in the green belts
• Monitoring our waterways
• Alien Wasp Alert
• City Trees
• Diving for diversity
• Night surveys (chameleons, frogs, owls, bats) in reserves

Sunday 28:
• Hiking our reserves
• High altitude species
• Forest fungal forays
• Seashore survey (Low Tides: 26 = 14:22, 27 = 16:07, 28 = 17:33, 29 = 06:26, 18:28 – Neap Tides: Spring Tide is a week earlier)
• Moth nightlight challenge

Monday 29:
• Mopping up: following up on species we missed
• Bird Blitz
• Pomp and Ceremony
• Monitoring our rare species
• Alien survey – finding funnies …
• Goggos at home
• Following progress (on the leaderboard and filling gaps!

And don’t forget the identification parties over the week of 30 April to 5 May!

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