Thank you and a questionnaire

Thank you for joining the Beautiful Burial Grounds project on iNaturalist. We're tremendously grateful to everyone for sharing their records and their support for churches count on nature 2022. We hope many of you will continue recording throughout the year and join in with the count again in 2023.

We would like to invite all members of this group to share any feedback in the comments of this post. We are particularly interested in responses to the following questions:

- How easy did you find using iNaturalist and our project?
- Have you used any other recording systems prior to this?
- Do you have any wider feedback on what we might do better?

Thanks for your time, all responses will be very much appreciated.


Data Manager
Caring for God's Acre

Posted on 30 September, 2022 12:21 by liamfltaylor liamfltaylor | 10 comments | Leave a comment

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Burial Grounds can be great sites for wildlife. Depending on intensity and type of management, a burial ground can become a haven for many different species groups. In an older, burial ground, the grassland is rarely enriched, or disturbed, and a rich assemblage of flora can thrive. Many older cemeteries contain mature, even ancient trees, which can support birds, invertebrates, and ...more ↓

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