End of observing, time to upload and ID!

Holy moly.

Massively impressed with the citizen scientists from Dallas/Fort Worth! This was really magnificent to see just how many folks participated, and just how "into it" people got! Citizen science and nature are the winners in all of this.

Now, before we start to rest, we have our next challenge: uploading! If you were like me, you took a LOT of photos and haven't uploaded much. Well, we have until Saturday morning (April 22) to upload observations for them to 'count' in this challenge.

The other challenge is identifying... Now, observations will be identified for a long time to come, but to help out with our species count, we want to try to identify as much as possible before April 22 as well.

I encourage you to go through the observations of yours and others to give some guidance:

I'll repeat it a few times, but I hope everyone realizes how important this data is. I will use it as an urban wildlife biologist as I communicate with cities and municipalities. I can show policy makers that not only does diversity exist here in Dallas/Fort Worth, but there is a large community of individuals that actively seek it out. I can show them just how massive this constituency is and why it's important to manage public land for wildlife -- not just for the animals and plants, but also for the folks that care about them.

Way cool stuff, everyone. Now, time to upload! :)

Posted on 19 April, 2017 15:34 by sambiology sambiology


What is the cutoff time on the 22nd, Sam? I can't find it anywhere...

Posted by kimberlietx about 7 years ago

If the numbers are correct on the City Nature Challenge 2017 site two Texas cities are in the lead - not us. However, we are just behind San Francisco. Wouldn't it be nice if could get a Texas trifecta. Lets upload and identify! Upload and identify!
I just had a small panic attack when I saw that iNat is closing down for maintenance - but only for 1.5 hour. Phew!

Posted by annikaml about 7 years ago

We have gone into the lead on observations! Houston and Austin are leading in # of species, 0.12% apart - 3 out of about 2300!

Posted by abigailmm about 7 years ago

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