Which insects lived in Yellow Lantana in Encinitas, California?

When my husband and I were staying at Moonlight Beach Motel in Encinitas, I ended up looking quite carefully at the surrounding area because I walked through it almost every day.

There is a house on "A" Street between 3rd and 4th Streets where there is a flower bed along the sidewalk. That is on the north side of "A" street near and at the corner with 4th. That flower bed is almost entirely filled with Yellow Lantana. Here is a list of what I found there:

Yellow Lantana, aka New Gold Lantana, Lantana × hybrida -- cultivated.

Fiery Skipper, Hylephila phyleus -- lots of the little butterflies always seemed to love nectaring on the Lantana flowers.

Ophiomyia a serpentine leafminer -- was on one leaf of the Lantana.

Calycomyza lantanae blotch leafminer -- on many of the Lantana leaves.

Lantana Stick Moth Neogalea sunia -- I found from one up to four of the caterpillars on the Lantana plants at any given time.

On, or in, the flowers:

Stripe-eye Lagoon Fly Eristalinus taeniops -- was in one of the flowerheads.

Comanche Green Lacewing, Chrysoperla comanche. A larva of this species was within one of the flowerheads.

Genus Brachymeria, a Chalcidid wasp, was within one of the flower clusters.

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