Project Update - September 2022

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September marks the end of summer, and the start of fall. The amount of insects we see starts to decrease, while we see more of the fall migrants passing through.

The project increased from 6141 to 6369 observations (+228), 1551 to 1587 species (+36), and 151 to 152 observers (+2).

Our number of Research Grade observations increased from 3801 to 3981 (+180). This equates to a Research Grade percentage of 62.09% (up from 62.51%).

In total, there were 239 observations added to the project within September 2022. The observations include 153 insects, 42 plants, 13 arachnids, 8 birds, 7 fungi, 7 mammals, 3 amphibians, 3 reptiles, 1 fish, 1 mollusk, and 1 protozoan.

Of these, there were 141 species recorded. Monarch was the most observed species (8 occasions), followed by Pennsylvania Ambush Bug (7 occasions) and Western Honey Bee (6 occasions).

The observations came from 14 observers. The top five were @martyndrabik (137), crosscountrycoach (35), @briarrose777 (19), @mikehensley75 (16), and @jenniferc3 (15).

The top observations of the month include:
Eastern Boxelder Bug (Boisea trivittata) -
Locust Treehopper (Thelia bimaculata) -
Giant Leopard Moth (Hypercompe cribonia) -
Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia) -
Butternut Woollyworm Sawfly (Eriocampa juglandis) -

Thanks to all for contributing to the project. We have a Scavenger Hunt on October 4th at Edison Woods. This is our new attempt at a mini BioBlitz, though there will be certain things to aim for to earn points. Come join us! Please register via

~ Martyn

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