One of the few records of stotting in hippotragin bovids


Estes (1991), on page 116 of The Behavior Guide to African Mammals, states the following under the heading 'Postures and Locomotion' for the tribe Hippotragini ( of the family Bovidae:

"The trot is not a regular gait in this tribe but may appear as a transition between walk and gallop, and a STYLE-TROT is performed in situations of excitement or alarm. Oryxes have a particularly beautiful flowing trot with a suspension stage during which all feet are off the ground and the head is turned synchronously from side to side (Kingdon 1982). Trotting scimitar-horned oryxes hold their chins raised with horns back (Hugh 1980)."

What this means is that, in hippotragins, stotting ( takes the form of style-trotting.

In my experience, photos or videos capturing this form of anti-predator display are rare, even in the case of infants and juveniles in play.

Therefore, finding the following depiction today, I am posting it immediately, before it vanishes from the Web.

Please scroll to 24th photo in for style-trotting, a form of stotting, in Oryx gazella.

The following ( briefly shows trotting by an individual infant of Oryx dammah.

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Wow! That's really cool!

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