iNaturalist Crash Course: Through the Lens of a Mushroom

With: Meg Madden and Julia Pupko

As the spring rains fill Vermont valleys, life that was absent or dormant during the winter months returns—including an incredible array of fantastic fungi. Fungi can be tricky to ID, and it can be helpful to have a second set of eyes. That is where iNaturalist comes in! You can photograph any fungi you encounter (along with other wild organisms), upload your photos to iNaturalist, and receive identification verifications or suggestions from other members of the iNaturalist community.

If you are interested in learning more about fungi, iNaturalist use, and ways that you, as a community scientist, can contribute to Vermont’s fungi database, we have just the workshop for you! Whether honing your iNaturalist skills or learning to use iNaturalist for the first time, join VCE Community Science Outreach Naturalist Julia Pupko and Fungi Expert Meg Madden on April 27 and 28 from 7–8:30 PM for a two-day iNaturalist workshop. The workshop will include a mix of presentation slides and live demonstrations in iNaturalist, connecting information on fungal identification and atlasing with iNaturalist use. Here is the full schedule:

April 27: Getting Started in iNaturalist

  • What is iNaturalist and why does it matter, for community naturalists and researchers alike?
  • Importance of community science to fungal atlasing and research
  • Basic overview of use:
  • Taking high quality observations – how to take ID-worthy fungal photos
  • Uploading observations
  • How to use Identify
  • Tips for identifying mushrooms
  • Overview of Taxon pages, Explore tab, Personal Dashboard
  • Register for Day 1 here

April 28: Identify and Project Creation

  • iNaturalist app and Seek
  • Project Creation
  • Projects - What are they?
  • How to set up a project
  • Case Study: Middlebury Area Land Trust Wright Park BioBlitz
  • Troubleshooting in iNaturalist: Additional Resources
  • Register for Day 2 here

Registration: There are separate registration links for each day. You may register for one or both days:

Posted on 19 April, 2022 14:43 by jpupko jpupko


What is the location of these presentations? Is it live, or Zoom, or what?

Posted by loonie about 2 years ago

it is on zoom! Follow the links above if you would like to register. @loonie

Posted by jpupko about 2 years ago

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