New views on species/subspecies/hybrids: where to find my taxonomically relevant Posts

In my Journal I have at various times pointed out new subspecies, suggested splitting existing species, criticised existing classifications, or provided photo-guides to subspecies within a given species. The following is a guide.

Canidae (dogs)

  • non-wolf ancestor of domestic dog

  • distinctiveness of dingo

Phacochoerus (warthogs)

  • extinct species in South Africa

Camelus (camels)

  • hybridisation of species

Giraffa (giraffes)

  • reticulata as a separate species

  • hybridisation reticulata X camelopardalis rothschildi

  • occipital horn-tufts as taxonomic indicator

Oreotragus (klipspringers)

  • tyleri as not widespread in Namibia

  • oreotragus of South Africa and Namibia as a distinct species

Connochaetes (wildebeests)

  • mattosi as a distinct subspecies

Sylvicapra (bush duiker)

  • photo-guide to subspecies

Philantomba (blue duikers)

  • species-distinctions

Antilopinae (gazelles and relatives)

  • golden springbok as throwback

  • subspecies in springbok

  • Iranian gazelle as distinct species

Nemorhaedus (gorals)

  • photo-guide to species (REQUIRES UPDATING)

Equus (asses, zebras and horses)

  • domestic subspecies of Asian wild ass

  • tail as subspecific feature in Equus hemionus

  • failure to breed back phenotype of extinct quagga

  • distinctiveness of subtropical plains zebra

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