Nieuwe delen "Illustrated Moss Flora of Minnesota" beschikbaar

Er zijn weer nieuwe delen van Janssens, Joannes (Jan) A.. (2017). Illustrated Moss Flora of Minnesota. te downloaden. Ondanks dat de naam Jan Janssens veel vertrouwen in boezemt zijn de delen van ''Illustrated Moss Flora of Minnesota'' toch in het Engels.

The "Illustrated Moss Flora of Minnesota" is designed for identification of Minnesota mosses in the lab, with both stereo- and compound microscope. The chapters are mostly based on the order of family and genus treatments of the "Flora of North America," volumes 27 and 28 ("Flora of North America north of Mexico," Volume 27, Bryophyta, part 1, 2007, New York and Oxford, Oxford University Press, 713 pp. and "Flora of North American north of Mexico," Volume 28, Bryophyta, part 2, 2014, New York and Oxford, Oxford University Press, 702 pp.). The keys have been modified from keys published in the "Flora of North America," using my own expertise and additional sources of diagnostic detail, cited specifically for each chapter. I eliminated all species from the keys without properly annotated Minnesota vouchers, as well as those key characters that are not needed to differentiate the remaining species. All individual species recognized for Minnesota are illustrated with a full plate, a reduced legend and caption illustration with referenced text pointing out diagnostic character states, and some photos, if available, of either habitat, habit, or clone appearance. Dot-distribution maps are provided for each species, with unconfirmed county records listed in the map captions.
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Sponsorship: Bell Museum of Natural History (MIN); Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM); Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
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Janssens, Joannes (Jan) A.. (2017). Illustrated Moss Flora of Minnesota. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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