Daily challenges!!! How the heck could anyone get all of these?!?

Challenges – for these, if you want to, ‘tag’ me (write @sambiology) somewhere on the observation – either in the notes or the comments, so I can see it!

Sunday, September 5
Observe some mammal tracks
- extra challenge: observe tracks or evidence of an organism that’s an insectivore

Monday, September 6
Make an observation of a species, and then look up the meaning of the scientific name (translate the Latin, look up the namesake of the species, or find out where the scientific name comes from).
- extra challenge: find two more organisms that are named after famous botanists. How many organisms can you find that are named after famous naturalists?

Tuesday, September 7
Observe a spider that has different sized or shaped eyes
- extra challenge: observe as many different spider species as you can today

Wednesday, September 8
Make a fungus observation with a spore print
- extra challenge: how many different fungi species can you find on this one day?

Thursday, September 9
Observe a bird that has a sense of smell
- extra challenge: observe two birds in different taxonomic families that have the ability to smell!

Friday, September 10
Document an insect that has the color purple
- extra challenge: find insects that have all of the 3 different primary colors (red, yellow, and blue)

Saturday, September 11
Document an invasive plant with the complete root system showing! (in other words, yank it out!)
- extra challenge: pile up lots and lots of invasive plants! How big can your pile be?!?

Huge props to anyone that can get several of these! :)

Posted on 01 September, 2021 19:18 by sambiology sambiology


These are definitely challenging challenges!! I’ll be in Yellowstone 9-4-9-12, so I won’t be able to participate :( Bummer

Posted by txstack over 2 years ago

These are great, Sam! I love the research/exploratory angle on this year's challenges. Right up my alley. Questions, questions, questions... Can't wait to get started!

Posted by jsuplick over 2 years ago

We have quite a few fungi on our property because we have a lot of various sized logs and mulch lying around.. Looking forward to trying a spore print. Excellent idea. Update: they're all completely dried out. No spore prints for me this time of year, it seems.

Posted by veganschmegan over 2 years ago

lol.. just saw this. Sorry I missed playing.. I really wish these would show on the phone version as that is what I'm normally on. Anyway.. I'll do today :)

Posted by butterflies4fun over 2 years ago

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