Feels Like Spring today in the Wylie Prairie

I took a trip out to the Wylie Prairie today where the Blackland Prairie Master Naturalists are restoring it led by @davepowell . Even though it is the middle of winter, the mild weather and the warm sunny day makes it feel like spring. With the highs in the low 60's, I was anxious to see what I might find. I was not disappointed. There were several butterflies out including the dainty sulphur, orange sulphur and common buckeye. I saw the question mark and cabbage white at my house today, but I did not see them at the prairie.

I've been working on identifying LLBs or Little Brown Birds as @gailonbrehm calls them. The challenge is that they all hide in the bushes and don't stay still. My technique is to try and take as many pictures as I can and then come home and enlarge them to see what I found. I depend on the birders on inaturalist to keep me straight as some of these are not easy for me yet. But then, this is what Inaturalist is all about - people helping people. Today I have my first Savannah Sparrow, my first Song Sparrow and another bird that might be the tricky female red-winged blackbird, but I'm waiting for confirmation as I write this. Other birds I found today where the robins, mockingbird and when I was driving out of the packing lot, I saw the American Kestral perched on a treetop looking for dinner.

I even found an isopod, spider and grasshopper that I've yet to identify but I have time. One reason, I like to record the species is to have a record of it and see what changes. Hopefully the prairie will be around a long time, but with all the development going on in the area, you just never know. However, I plan to enjoy it while it is here.

Thanks to all the other Blackland Prairie Master Naturalist that help maintain it.. Shout out to @greghayden39, @rolandfarm .. I would mention all of them here, but I don't know if most of them are on this yet or I couldn't find them. If you are and follow me leave a comment so we can join together.

NOTE: I would like to provide a link to the Wylie Prairie to show all the pictures but this is something I haven't been able to figure out yet.

Posted on 07 February, 2016 23:47 by butterflies4fun butterflies4fun


There is an iNat place called Wylie Prairie, which was created by dave powell but doesn't have boundaries -- if you know him (or even if you don't) you can ask him to edit the place so as to have boundaries.
Failing that, you can create a new iNat place for Wylie Prairie, having boundaries (it's pretty easy to do!).
Once a place has bourndaries, then any observations within the boundaries automatically show up under that tab on the Place's page.
Would this take care of what you're trying to achieve?

Posted by ellen5 almost 8 years ago

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