2,000,000 and 40,000!

Today iNaturalist passed the 2,000,000 observation mark. Of that total, 40,000 are included right here, in the San Mateo County Bio-Blitz. We have built a solid basis for accessible understanding of our small but significant county's biodiversity. In fact, our 40,000 observations are equal to 2% of all iNat observations!! Go team! Happy Thanksgiving to y'all - and while we're thinking about that, more pictures of Wild Turkey in the county would be nice!

Posted on 25 November, 2015 03:28 by gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon


How many do we need? Turkeys that is.... and I am most happy to have contributed almost 3000 of those observations - a number that pales in comparison to yours and dpom's of course!

Posted by leslie_flint over 8 years ago

Excellent! It is just that adding Wild Turkeys, given their very spotty distribution in the county, can add knowledge, should they expand or later be extirpated. And you are a substantial and much-loved contributor!!

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 8 years ago

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