Guerilla Bay Bioblitz

The Guerilla Bay Bioblitz was held 5-6 March 2021. Nineteen activities were held across the two days consisting of: field surveys for birds, plants, nocturnal mammals, and moths; demonstration of the use of motion sensor cameras and animal hair traps as survey tools for elusive nocturnal animals; information session on creating habitat using nest boxes; and a discussion on the essence of nature writing and human connection and interdependence with the natural environment. The iNaturalist App was the main recording tool.

A total of 283 species were recorded over the two days. The primary focus was on birds, plants, mammals and moths. Cameras installed in the Burrewarra Point Reserve two weeks before the event captured footage of long nosed bandicoot, brush tailed possum, antechinus, swamp wallaby, echidna, and confirmed the presence of a fox or two. There has been little attention paid to insects in Guerilla Bay so it’s not surprising that survey leaders were seeing some species for their first time, like the impressive triangle hawk moth for example.

Feedback about the bioblitz was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and included words such as inspiring, galvanising, informative, special. Everyone learnt something and came away with a new appreciation of the unique nature of Guerilla Bay and how vitally important it is to conserve and protect this small and valuable unburnt part of the South Coast. Add to that the recording of 283 species and it was a remarkably successful and enjoyable weekend.

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