The Vermont Wild Bee Survey is looking for help!

Join us for the next 8 months on a guided exploration of the wild bee fauna of the state. Each week from now until the last fall flowers have shriveled, we will be posting a mission to the new Vermont Wild Bee Survey project page:

These missions will help you target distinctive, rare, or otherwise interesting bees and help us map their distribution. We realize bee’s tiny size and mind-blowing diversity (>300 species in VT) is daunting, so we will strive to make these weekly missions straightforward and attainable. We’ll teach you how to find, identify, photograph and report the bees you find with just a point and shoot camera or a smartphone and no prior bee knowledge.

Observations generated by iNaturalist users, like yourself, are a major source of information that help us understand this important group of pollinators in Vermont. Last year alone, 525 iNaturalist users reported over 5,000 bee observations, comprising 104 confirmed species from across the state, including one only known in Vermont from iNaturalist observations.

Join our Vermont Wild Bee Atlas on iNaturalist and keep an eye out for the weekly blog posts each Friday.

While we patiently wait for warmer days and the first flowers, check out the new simplified guide to identifying Vermont’s bees on the Vermont Wild Bee Survey website:

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