New Research Project

Now it may seem silly, but I have been assigned a personal project for school. The topic ideas they give you are things like make a poster for the school, or start a club at the school. Knowing me, I'd never do something like that when I could make my project about getting out every weekend to one of my favorite places ever. I'll be conducting 3 different photo-based documentation projects. Salamanders, Trees and birds all in set locations around Palos. Today I found 25 species of trees at 2 different spots. Not too exciting bird-wise, I had 25 species. The best bird was an immature Red-shouldered Hawk. They really seem to be booming this winter in the Chicago area. That's all for day one, I'll hopefully be doing some more exploring tomorrow, but that's all for today.

Posted on 14 February, 2021 05:24 by brdnrdr brdnrdr


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