"Rules" for the bioblitz! Observe plants! :)

The NPSOT BioBlitz is coming up! I hope you're excited to do some botanizing this upcoming week!

For this project, it's quite simple: go out and observe some plants! You don't have to do any other steps -- this project automatically grabs all observations of plants made in Texas. Now, ideally, we want the wild plants -- so the cultivated plants aren't quite as informative.

Native plants are wonderful, and we're hoping to see the most observations of native plants, but this project accepts ALL plants documented in Texas. It's important to document the non-natives as well.

Observations have to be made between October 18 and 24, but they can be uploaded later on.

One of the most important tasks is curating the data -- so if you're able and willing to add some ID's of the observations, that's incredibly helpful! Here's the link to ID'ing plants documented in Texas that still need ID's:

You can also double check the observations that have already been verified -- extra verifications are helpful!

Have some fun botanizing this week!

Posted on 16 October, 2020 03:20 by sambiology sambiology


Yay! I love bioblitzes!

Posted by aenglandbiol over 3 years ago

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